Bonus Episode: Edwin Brady on Dependent Types And Idris

Bonus to Episode #5. Type systems. Guests: Edwin Brady

Episode 5. Type Systems

Episode #5. Type systems. Guests: Joseph Abrahamson Radoslav Kirov Erlend Hamberg Edwin Brady

Episode 4. How to design software

Episode #4. How to design software?. Guests: Craig Andera Eric Elliott Mario Zechner

Episode 3. Concurrency – Event loop & Coroutines

Episode #3. Concurrency – Event loops & Сoroutines. Guests: A. Jesse Jiryu Davis and Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

Episode 2. Concurrency – CSP & Actors

Episode #2. Concurrency – CSP & Actors. Guests: Aaron Schlesinger and Jörgen Brandt

Episode 1. Concurrency

First episode. Concurrency and multithreading. Speakers: Daniel Higginbotham, Steve Klabnik.

Episode0. main()

Hi guys, we are launching, this is episode 0 which gives you the idea of what will happen in this podcast series. Please welcome our host: Andrey Salomatin

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