Episode #5 Type Systems, collateral

We've recently released the episode about type systems. To give you more context, I've refactored the script of the episode and added examples.

Bonus Episode: Edwin Brady on Dependent Types And Idris

Bonus to Episode #5. Type systems. Guests: Edwin Brady twitter.com/edwinbrady

Episode 5. Type Systems

Episode #5. Type systems. Guests: Joseph Abrahamson twitter.com/sdbo Radoslav Kirov twitter.com/radokirov Erlend Hamberg twitter.com/ehamberg Edwin Brady twitter.com/edwinbrady

Episode 4. How to design software

Episode #4. How to design software?. Guests: Craig Andera twitter.com/craigandera Eric Elliott twitter.com/_ericelliott Mario Zechner twitter.com/badlogicgames

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