Episode #6 Don't make me write UI!

Why is it so hard to write and maintain UI code? How can we make it easier? On one hand, we've talked with people who design UI APIs we all use. On the other, we've interviewed those who try to reinvent UI development. Discussion: discuss.codepodcast.com/t/episode-6-d…e-write-ui/44

Episode #5 Type Systems, collateral

We've recently released the episode about type systems. To give you more context, I've refactored the script of the episode and added examples.

Bonus Episode: Edwin Brady on Dependent Types And Idris

Bonus to Episode #5. Type systems. Guests: Edwin Brady twitter.com/edwinbrady

Episode 5. Type Systems

Episode #5. Type systems. Guests: Joseph Abrahamson twitter.com/sdbo Radoslav Kirov twitter.com/radokirov Erlend Hamberg twitter.com/ehamberg Edwin Brady twitter.com/edwinbrady

Episode 4. How to design software

Episode #4. How to design software?. Guests: Craig Andera twitter.com/craigandera Eric Elliott twitter.com/_ericelliott Mario Zechner twitter.com/badlogicgames

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